Jonesville to Colby Mountain Lookout

There are many places to ride in the Lassen National Forest. Contact the Forest Service for a map.

To Get There: Approximately one hour driving time from Chico. Take Hwy 32 heading east. About 15 miles beyond Forest Ranch, turn right on Humboldt Road. About five miles past Butte Meadows turn left into the Jonesville Snowmobile Area parking lot. Head back along the road to pick up the trail through some wood fences, cross the creek, and you will come to one of the marked trails.

Notes: There are about 60 miles of trials with three loops. It is about 20 degrees cooler than the Sacramento Valley. The restrooms at the parking lot are closed for the summer! There is a restroom at the Colby Mountain Lookout. There is water in the creeks. Beware of the lush green meadows - they can be very marshy. The footing on the trails is great. Some of the roads can be a little rocky.

Green meadows - even in summer.

Miles of roads through the forest.

Colby Mountain Lookout - elevation 6002'